My high school Physics teacher was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam. When they managed to get a case of beer, they would strap it to the side of the chopper, fly just high enough that the beer would cool off, open the door, and make sure that there was no evidence by the time they landed. » 12/12/14 9:20am 12/12/14 9:20am

Greenpeace has never been about environmentalism. It's all about sensationalist media attention for their cause du jour, and ignoring any damage or offense they cause. It still baffles me that legitimate environmental groups don't do more to distance themselves from these loonies. » 12/11/14 7:26am 12/11/14 7:26am

Because summary firings by the daughter of the company's Chairman in front of passengers, followed by turning the plane around to kick the fired person off the plane, is disaster-level management. Pity that Ms. Cho didn't ask for the Human Resources manual, because she almost certainly violated it. » 12/09/14 1:04am 12/09/14 1:04am

I still say this is the best option: Most people will ignore it because they think it's just a boring Nissan. Those who know it's a Leaf will avoid acknowledging it because Leaf-drivers are the most boring drones on planet Earth. Plus, movies have taught us that spy operations usually take about 15 minutes or so… » 12/08/14 11:35am 12/08/14 11:35am